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Amazon AWS

Code Editor API

Added in 11.3 Alexandria, a new powerful Code Editor API is available which allows fine grained control over the editor canvas,...

Common IDE Troubleshooting

Guides to fixing common IDE problems

Debugging Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks when debugging your applications. This covers platform specific tricks in FireMonkey as well as general debugg...

Delphi Anti-Patterns

A collection of community provided anti-patterns - and how to avoid them, when dealing with code modernization, upgrading and g...

Deployment For Android

Troubleshooting steps to resolve issues when deploying your FireMonkey app for Android.

Deployment for iOS

Deployment for Linux

Deployment for macOS

Google Cloud

Guide to writing good documentation

Hotfix 11.x Alexandria

Hotfixes pertaining to the major version and its point releases in the 11.x Alexandria series.In this section, you'll find hotf...

Hotfix 12.x Athens

Hotfixes pertaining to the major version and its point releases in the 112x Athens series.In this section, you'll find hotfixes...

Licensing and Registration

General questions and answers to licensing in RAD Studio. Note: If you're in doubt, always reach out to your local reseller or...

Microsoft Azure

Prerequisites for a CI/CD Pipeline

Common settings which applies to and is required for any CI/CD solution used in production.

Setting up a Gitlab Pipeline

Gitlab is a full git hosting, issue tracking, CI/CD pipeline platform with an open source core and additional paid-for enterpri...

Setting up a Jenkins Pipeline

Jenkins CI is an open source CI applications written in Java and a fork of the former Hudson CI. Due to its flexibility, it is...